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Thermal Imaging


It is the detection of radiation in the long-infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum (roughly 9,000-14,000 nanometers) using a camera which will give a visual display of the variances of that radiation.

Temperature and moisture will appear in various colors to display the difference in the building’s condition. Color or temperature change can be due to:

▸ evaporative effect of a liquid

▸ reflection of radiant heat

▸ cooling or heating of an object from convected air

▸ heating of a conductive material


▸Detecting water or moisture in different substrates

▸Problems in electrical

▸Leaking AC air ducts

▸Gaps in insulation or heat loss

▸Leaking windows or doors

▸Thermal bridges

Keep in mind that it should not be the sole tool used to diagnose a problem within a home.


Our inspections include the following: Structural, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Driveway, Parking, Grading, Fencing, Signage...

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We test moist or damp areas for evidence of water leaks. Our thermal imaging process is used for further verification of any potential leaks which may not be visible with the naked eyes, when necessary.

Gas is a highly flammable product which can be devastating to you or your investment. The unique odor is a clear indication of a potential leak that must be addressed immediately. Please call 911, your gas provider, or conduct a test for further verification.

Do you know whether or not your water heater is set to provide the adequate temperature needed for your daily use? We provide an accurature reading in minutes.

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